Vision for Delta College

Strengthen Delta's Community Ties

Boost Technical & Vocational Programs

Synergize Skills & Industry Needs

Prepare Students for
Future Success

During these unprecedented times, we need a healthy San Joaquin Delta College more than ever. An educated and well-trained workforce is vital to strengthening our economy and helping people increase job opportunities and future chances for success. This means Delta College must improve its connections to the community and design programs that teach relevant skills and prepare students for fulfilling careers.

I taught at Delta College for over 35 years, my late husband served as Delta College President, and I currently serve on the Delta College Foundation Board so our wonderful college has been an important part of my life for many years. I believe in giving back to the community and was honored to be selected Stocktonian of the Year and currently serve as a Stockton Port Commissioner. As your Trustee, I want to continue my public service by focusing on technical and vocational training programs so students can go directly into the workforce and get family-wage jobs, while preparing others for transfer to colleges and universities.

Industries are changing and demanding skilled workers. San Joaquin Delta College must grow and change to meet these needs.
I would be honored to receive your vote so together we can ensure every student has the skills necessary to succeed.